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Message From: Lisa November 24, 2016
We adopted box boy last weekend, who we call Rueben. He is a sweet heart and fits in great with our family. He is the second dog we have adopted from Fuzzy Feet. Thank you so much!

Message From: ReGina Hunter December 6, 2014
Thank you for rescuing these dogs

Message From: ReGina Hunter December 6, 2014
Thank you for doing this

Message From: Renee Ramsey July 28, 2014
What a wonderful thing you are doing for these animals! THANK YOU! You have my support!

Message From: (Private) April 28, 2014
I am making a donation to this dog rescue because what they have done is a beautiful thing. Rescuing dogs and giving them a loving home. It really warms my heart :)

Message From: (Private) May 28, 2012
I help foster some of the dogs and they are so sweet. They just want lots of love and a good home.

Message From: flag now daisy February 23, 2012
we adopted "flag" now daisy back in october 2011 right before driving across country to illinois. She is a great companion for or other dog cali and they have found a wonderful home and our familyis more complete with her here with us. thank you fuzzy feet rescue

Message From: Pitcher February 23, 2012
We adopted Coketa (sydney now) and she is truly an angel. Amazingly well benaved for being 3 months old! Fuzzy Feet did a great job taking care of her and we are so happy to have her as part of out family. Thank You!

Message From: (Private) November 15, 2011
We adopted Foxtail in July. She is very adorable. Thanks for those who had taken care of her before, she is very well behaved. We love her very much :-)

Message From: mrs.j September 7, 2011
I adopted Sugar from Aero Petsmart last weekend. She is a sweetheart! She came home to me and my cat and she just fit right in. Next month she is off to doggie training school to learn her doggie manners. Wish her luck! Thank you Fuzzy feet for our new family member!